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Access to our hypercar pack which includes the most insane and sporty vehicles on the server right now.

Included in this pack:

- Includes access to future updates and vehicles

- Zenvo TSR-S

- Pagani Huayra BC

- Koenigsegg Agers RS

- Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport

- Pininfarina Battista

- Ferrari LaFerrari

- Lamborghini Centenario

- McLaren P1

Department of Choice

Department of Choice

With Department of Choice (DOC) you can play as any department you like, whenever you like. A basic training session is required unless you are a currently trained officer.

Included in this package:

- Play as San Andreas State Police, San Andreas Medical Services or Department of Transportation

- Skip advanced training and training sessions for each department, only a basic session one time.

- A unique identifiable callsign starting with DC-XX based on your favourite number

Just Support

Just Support

Donate here if you just want to support the community to be able to expand with more scripts, vehicles and systems. You will get a "Just a supporter" discord role for your support.

Personal Vehicle

Personal Vehicle

Add your own vehicle to the server, and only have access to your vehicle. You can drive it without anyone bothering you, and all "Personal" owners can share access to each other's vehicles without a problem.

- Must be realistic and fit to the area of roleplay

- It will be added within 24 hours from purchase

About Strive Roleplay

By supporting our community you participate in its evolution so we can keep expanding our assets and promotion to other members of the FiveM community. All donations are non-refundable and are activated within 24 hours of purchase. You will instantly receive your discord role for the donation, please make sure to be in our Discord server first.